The Best Places To Go Camping

The Best Places To Go Camping

February 12, 2016 Off By AmeliaBrown

Camping is a great way to spend some good quality time with friends and family, with the added benefit of being able to spend time enjoying nature. While some may consider picking a camping location to be a small task, with greater emphasize placed made on the journey, some others may want the destination to be perfect as well. Here are a few camping destinations that you can consider travel water filter when you plan your next trip.

The Mountains

The mountain side is great place to go camping, especially if you’re the adventurous type. This sort of a camping trip comes with an extra effort needed to be put in with the trek and is not for the light hearted. The payoff, however, at the end of the day would be more than enough to make up for the difficult journey. You will be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air as well as be spectator to some amazing views. You will need to prepare well for this journey with the appropriate clothing and gear as well as with a water purifiers in Australia at Go Fresh Water, and enough food and basic amenities to last you the entire trip. Mount Kosciuszko and Mount Kaputa and two of the mountains that are famous among campers in Australia.

The Beach

The beach is a somewhat unorthodox camping site, with most people immediately associating camping with forests and similar trails. For those who want to tread the road less travelled, and for those who want a more glamorous atmosphere for their camping site, pitching a tent on the beach would be the ideal camping trip. By camping on the beach you can enjoy the sun and the surf during the day, and spend your nights staring at a perfectly clear starry night while lying on a beautiful sandy beach. Cape Le Grand National Park at Lucky Bay is one of the most frequented beaches by campers in Australia.

 A Lakeside

If you prefer woods over beach, but still want spend some time in the water, then the best option is to set up camp next to a lake. Such a camping site will also require you to trek over a certain distance before you finally pitch your tent, and may actually be preferred by same. Once you have settled down, you have the option of taking a swim or catching some fish during the day time. You will however need to make sure that both of these are permissible by law with regard to that specific lake, and obtain the required permits to go ahead with such activities.